EQV - Starter Kit RFID Arduino Uno R3

This starter kit for Arduino open source platform is only sold on the Aliexpress marketplace

EQV Official Store - Starter Kit RFID

The EQV offers this Starter KIT on its official Aliexpress website as the most recent kit for learning the Arduino platform.

The packaging is not very accurate all the components are contained in an anonymous plastic box without a label and the components are all compressed together.

The compatible Arduino type supplied in the KIT, UNO R3, requires the installation of the driver to be interfaced with the IDE that can simply be found on the net. No instructions are included so for beginners new to this world it may be very difficult to use the kit at least initially.


The KIT is rich in components and allows the execution of various projects both for learning Arduino and in the robotic field and also for home automation. The only warning is that the LCD display requires the soldering of the PINs for its correct use, especially for beginners.

In detail, the KIT consists of:

1 X UNO Board
1 X USB Cable
1 X Jump Cable
1 X Breadboard
5 X LED Light
1 Pack Resistor
1 X Female to male dupond line
1 X Potentiometer
1 X Buzzer 
1 X 74HC595
1 X Infrared receiver
1 X LM35
1 X Flame Sensor
1 X Ball Switch
1 X Photoresistor
1 X Key button
1 X Remote control
1 X 4-digit display tube
1 X 8*8 Dot matrix module
1 X 1-digit display tube
1 X Stepper motor driver board
1 X Stepper motor
1 X 9g Servo
1 X IIC 1602 LCD
1 X XY joystick module
1 X Temperature module
1 X Water test module
1 X RFID Module
1 X RFID keychain
1 X RFID White card
1 X Sound Module
1 X Relay Module
1 X Clock Module
1 X 4*4 Key board
1 X RGB 3 color module
1 X 9V battery Snap
[editor’s note: info taken from the kit’s sales web page]

The EQV declares on the sales page that this kit is the most recent and with many new components that probably weren’t there in the previous versions of the kit … such as the step-motor and its driver. There is no documentary indication and even less pdf files to download. I did not contact the seller just because nowhere on the page was it indicated that manuals or anything else were available to help beginners in getting started with the use of the kit (so I assume that this type of service is not offered).


The KIT is sold in three options, similar to each other in terms of cost: cardboard box at € 23.30, new plastic box at € 25.28 and in the large plastic box version at € 26.27.

I purchased the kit in November 2021 (the version with new format plastic box). I paid € 24.77 for it during the sales period. The delivery time was about 15 days and I didn’t have to pay any import taxes.


At the writing date of the review [20-02-2022]; on Aliexpress the EQV KIT has been sold 1716 times, received 507 reviews and the average score is 4.7 out of 5.

As it is in charge, the KIT is certainly not addressed to those who do not know anything about Arduino, in fact there is no documentation that can be of help especially in the initial phases (even the most delicate ones where the potential student gets depressed if he fails to things work and therefore there is the risk that it will then abandon).

Given the very competitive cost, I suggest the purchase of this kit only for the spare material and to enrich your stock of components for the realization of the various projects.


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