Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense & Tiny ML KIT

This starter kit and its development board, produced by Arduino, is the gateway for the study and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular for that part of AI called “Machine Learning”. The Kit as well as the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense development board alone, can be purchased directly on the Arduino website, but also on Amazon and on the many Arduino product retailers.


First of all, it should be noted that the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense development board is already in itself a development KIT for AI. In fact, it is a card characterized by already having several sensors on board:

  • 9-axis inertial sensor; that is, it is able to establish movement
  • humidity and temperature sensor: to obtain extremely accurate measurements of environmental conditions
  • barometric sensor: for measuring the barometric pressure in an environment and this also allows the creation of a simple weather station
  • microphone: to acquire and analyze sound in real time
  • sensor: gesture, proximity, light color and light intensity sensor to estimate the brightness of the room, but also if someone is approaching the Nano card
It is possible to buy it individually (in the version with soldered and not soldered PINs) or in KIT format, or the Tiny Machine Learning Kit (abbreviated Tiny ML Kit).
The video shows the unboxing of both purchase solutions.

Arduino Tiny ML KIT

The kit consists of the powerful Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense board with nRF52840 processor from Nordic Semiconductors, a 32-bit ARM® Cortex ™ – M4 CPU running at 64 MHz and a wide variety of sensors. The card can detect motion, acceleration, rotation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, sounds, gestures, proximity, color and light intensity. The kit also includes a camera module (OV7675) and a custom Arduino shield to simplify the connection of components and create your own TinyML-type Machine Learning projects (i.e. applied to microcontrollers). On the Arduino web page presenting the kit, a sentence is also quoted (also shown on the label of the kit I purchased) that I find interesting and that I report here:

“The future of machine learning is tiny and bright. We are excited to see what you’ll  do! “
Prof. Vijay Janapa Reddi, Harvard University and Pete Warden, Google


The KIT can be purchased on the Arduino website at the price of € 42.00 (to which taxes and shipping costs must be added). As it is practically impossible to find on the Arduino website, I bought it from a dealer (Reichelt Elektronik) at a price of € 53.29 (all included) which in three days sent me the order (excellent service).


A necessary purchase for those who want to get to know the world of Artificial Intelligence and all in all, given the characteristics of the development board and the KIT, the price seems to me to be correct and honest.



The Arduino Nano 33 BLE development board, as mentioned, is a jewel of technology and allows us to introduce ourselves to the world of AI with a very small form factor, so much so that it is possible to classify the board among “wearable” devices .


The board, as for the KIT, can also be purchased on the Arduino website. The selling price of the version with unpaid PIN is € 27.00 (to which taxes and shipping costs must be added). Also for this reason, as practically impossible to find on the Arduino website, I bought it from a retailer (Lo Spaccio di Nova) on Ebay at the price of € 40.90 (all included) which in two days brought me home there. order (excellent service).

It is useless to tell you that both the KIT and the Development Board have a lot of didactic material that can be retrieved online or directly on the Arduino site, where there is also a large community available for any help.


I also bought the card separately and not in KIT because I plan to carry out projects in the “wearable” version, in fact I bought the version without soldered PINs to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum.

What to tell you, when we talk about original Arduino products it is obvious that we are talking about a world that is second to none. BRAVO !.


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